Failure Resume

A reflection on the things that I’ve done wrong and what I can learn from those events, wrapped up in a design exercise.


I was reading Tina Seelig’s What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 and she presents the idea of a Failure Resume”, a résumé that summarizes all [the] biggest screwups—personal, professional, and academic. For every failure, each student must describe what he or she learned from that experience.”

As I’m reviewing some of what I consider to be my biggest failures and posting them on the internet– I felt the least I could do was to make it look pretty. I am particularly happy with the font pairing:


I can’t understand why, but the placement of the quote in the top left throws the page off balance. I prioritized readability over everything, so the font size is larger than I’d normally put on a resume, but considering it isn’t a real one it’s probably OK.

I could list all my criticisms about this and turn it into another failure resume about my failure resume that fails to fulfill at its intended purpose, but that’s too meta.

Failure Resume

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