What it is:

A reflection on the things that I’ve done wrong and what I can learn from those events, wrapped up in a design exercise.

How it came to be:

I was reading Tina Seelig’s What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 and she presents the idea of a Failure Resume”, a résumé that summarizes all [the] biggest screwups—personal, professional, and academic. For every failure, each student must describe what he or she learned from that experience.”

I decided to review some of my biggest failures and post them on the internet– I might as well make it look pretty. I am particularly happy with the font pairing:

Feedback + further implications

In retrospect the font size could stand to be smaller, the margins were not well-considered, and I’m not happy with how I incorporated the Jack D. Shwager quote at the top of the page.

I could list all my criticisms about this and turn it into another failure resume about my failure to design a failure resume that fails at its intended purpose. But that’s too meta.

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