Jonah Foss
Online shopping and updating your CV Nov 20, 2021 If you’re in secondary school or even college, using LinkedIn (ew) to find meaningful or important connections that spark joy feels like slogging Books and the Ego Oct 26, 2021 Today at dinner, I was talking with a friend of mine about the books that I had read recently, and the conversation turned to discussing some of the Make Amends with Your Finances Oct 3, 2021 (especially if you’re in college.) Based on what I’ve read and experienced first hand about building and maintaining a better relationship with my The Talent Equation Oct 1, 2021 There is no such thing as a great talent without great discipline. This statement proposes something converse to an idea accepted by many people – Accountability & the Dichotomy of Goal Sharing Aug 1, 2021 TL;DR - To become someone who can leverage your relationships for increased accountability in things you want to achieve, only share your goals with Following my own advice for once Jul 31, 2021 I live to learn things from people smarter than I am, but I largely ignore my own intuition and advice. This is why I have been so attracted to the Hiking 9 miles on the Colchuck Trail Jul 12, 2021 The documentation of this nine mile hike is sandwiched between parts of my senior trip that was planned to try and recover the fun senior year of Initiative friends vs Proximity friends Jun 12, 2021 Yesterday, I graduated from high school. Showered with congratulations from friends, family, and even people I barely knew, it felt like celebrating What I learned this week May 22, 2021 Meditating is a good idea. Somewhere on Reddit: “Meditation is like clearing the cache inside our brains”. I don’t have a daily meditation Escaping the “app-edemic” May 16, 2021 My unhealthy obsession over apps is directly tied to my own insecurities about how much I work, how long I work, and how productive I am when I Turning 18 May 15, 2021 I turned 18 three days ago (happy birthday to me!) and I’ve spent the last few days in the wandering depths of existentialism trying to figure out The inability to remain still May 14, 2021 My alarm goes off, and as soon as I turn it off I reach for my smartphone. I’m waiting in line, or in the car, and I instinctively reach for the