A banner inspired by artwork on the social network platform’s about” page.


When I still had Twitter, I found a cool platform called, which was a simple, well designed q&a forum. Perusing the website led me to the About page and the sketched outline of a logo.

I decided that I wanted to practice using shape tools in Figma, so I replicated what I saw (original on the left). Eventually, I transformed my first name into the same style and gave it a brilliant blue background (#0360FD for those curious).

Feedback + further implications

Even though it was a simple design, I was proud of the way that I maintained the same general principles from the original sketch-like design. The stems of certain letters were the only places where harder corners were used, and the cap height of each letter were kept relatively the same. I think it still looks pretty cool even when I crop it in a way that abstracts the shapes of the letters. banner

Added December 14, 2022 under Design

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