Jonah Foss


The short of it
Hi, I’m Jonah Kohei (he/him). I’m a UW business student on a gap year interning at Samsara and Starbucks after studying abroad in New Zealand for 6 months.

My career is focused on reducing wasted time and redundant work in companies by streamlining connections between people, resources, and information.

I’m working towards a project/product management career at companies in the tech/outdoors/sports spaces.

The long of it
I grew up in the suburbs, nestled between Seattle and the Cascade Mountains. In February 2021, I joined a small education-tech startup after quitting my job at Starbucks and began working remotely.

Over the 2.5 years I worked at Fiveable, I narrowed my career focus from administrative support to product operations.

I’ve also worked as a freelance product marketer, creating Notion templates and coordinating social media campaigns for companies with AI products.

Outside of work, I’m excited by introspective conversations, well-designed household goods, nature photography, and distance running. My Japanese and Norwegian heritage is a large part of my identity, and I am actively looking for opportunities to learn more about each culture.

About Design Business
Jonah Foss