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Foundational social media work I did for Summit, a startup democratizing personalized coaching using generative AI

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Relevant skills & tools: Social media marketing, marketing strategy, content creation and planning, Figma, CapCut, Final Cut Pro


Summit is an online coaching service that makes personalised coaching accessible by leveraging AI powered by large-language models (LLMs). One of their co-founders reached out to me in August of 2023 to help build a social media presence ahead of their public launch in September.

The founders cited that my past product marketing exprience and interest in the intersection of technology and self-improvement (two of their target audiences) as reasons they thought I would be qualified to create content for them.


As someone who grew up on social media and is used to being constantly advertised, I didn’t want this content to come off as just an ad” or unnatural.

I focused on building out content that people could simply see and interact with, without any immediate call to action to download the app.

On Instagram, I posted a rotation of static images with quotes from famous figures about habits, consistency, and discipline. I hypothesized that, if well-designed enough, these images and quotes could attract people’s attention to the main page and subsequently the link in the Instagram bio.

These images would accompany each other in a carousel post.These images would accompany each other in a carousel post.

In the description, I used a boilerplate template to explain how Summit could help with a certain action or reflection related to the quote.

On TikTok, I created a mix of informational content about Summit and its features in addition to reproducing some of the punchier, meme-ier content seen on other AI-app tiktok pages.

In retrospect, I feel that I should have fully committed to targeting the self-improvement/entrepreneur space.

Instead of competing with multiple, well-publicized products using LLM-powered AI as their main feature, it may have been more fruitful to differentiate Summit as a coaching product with AI capabilities.


One challenge that I encountered throughout this role was in regards to the timing of the opportunity. I took on this role during my study abroad trip to New Zealand and worked on it throughout my biggest and longest trip during my time abroad.

I also learned that I didn’t love using my creative abilities to a non-creative end. This is not dig on Summit or its founders– this is just how I happened to find out that I like my art and design to be (for the time being) only myself and not for a commercial purpose.

Summit Social Media

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