How use-case marketing I did generated 3000+ impressions for a series-A Seattle tech startup


When I worked with them in 2023, Plus offered a software solution called Snapshots’ that enabled users to monitor various websites in real-time using widgets that could embed into online documents in Google Docs and Notion.

The idea was that you could pull information from many disparate sources of information into one place by using any number of Snapshots.

Dan, the co-founder and CEO of Plus, asked me to create a template in the popular note-taking tool Notion that would show startups how they could leverage this Snapshot’ feature to monitor their team’s work.


After creating a proposal (a portion of it pictured below), I got to work on what features an operations hub” template could include.

After I got the list approved, I created a marketing video using Screen Studio to give prospective users of the template a preview:

‎ ‎


This was the second of two projects that the Plus team trusted me to market using my expertise in Notion.

While Plus now specializes in generating presentations using generative artificial intelligence, I believe the few thousand impressions I generated proved valuable to Plus’s product team and helped me practice building tools and systems that make people’s lives easier.

Do you think use-case marketing in Notion could unlock a bigger audience for your product? Get in touch!

I have all three Notion certification badges, and I am currently working on getting my Notion Consultant accreditation!


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