Here’s the page with all of the cool resources I’ve found at UW. Let me know if you have anything that I should add that I’m missing!

Tools and Utilities

UW Map (Link)

To print something on campus, upload your document the MyPrintCenter, and find a place on Scout to retrieve your print.

To get reliable wifi access throughout almost all campus buildings and outdoor spaces, follow these directions to connect to the eduroam’ network.

Rent all kinds of technology including laptops, cameras, and VR via the Student Tech Loan Program to boost the technical production quality to blow your professors out of the water with your digital work.


Tired of being blocked out of articles you need to read for class by paywalls? UWs access to Proquest allows you to access a full catalog of books, magazines, academic journals, and publications.

Here’s a spring quarter class that is essentially giving you credit for watching and reflecting on fireside chats from interesting people.

Here’s a student-built site for simulating specific course loads and schedules.

To get started with academic coaching and tutoring on campus, visit the Academic Support Homepage to start your search for resources to supplement your coursework. For the record, I’m proud of you for seeking out academic help.

Have a project you’re wanting to start on? See how the UW Libraries Open Commons can help kick off your project with a services ranging from data visualization to GIS (geographic information services).

To reserve a study room in the Odegaard Undergraduate Library, use its reservation system.

To find a book not locally available at the UW, use the Interlibrary Loan System to get your hands on any book imaginable (usually within a week).

Visit the Odegaard Writing Center to see how you can lighten your writing workload before you even start putting pen to paper (or fingers to a keyboard).

Check out the library guide for some resources to start you at any point in your journey in discovering or mastering a subject.

Take a look at officially available UW Course Evaluations to see what kind of feedback your peers are giving about their classes, and use it to help build your schedule.

If you’re feeling the itch to supplement your degree with some business experience or just want to increase your business acumen, check out the Entrepreneurship Minor (capacity-constrained) or the Business Minor (open).

Check out which AP classes you struggled through in high school will get you ahead at the UW by checking out its AP-credit policies.

Career and Personal Development

CoMotion is an UW-affiliated organization focused on providing education and resources for entrepreneurship and startups. The link leads to video content I’ve found valuable, even outside of my immediate work at startups!

LinkedIn Learning is a benefit that comes with the UW Student Technology Fee, and is a brilliant resource for professional development and skill building through video lectures.

Get in involved with your community in and around UW by giving the Community Engagement & Leadership Education (CELE) Center a visit.

If you’re on the way to carve your own path through the professional field, here is a Career Center DIY resource explorer that they’ve provided to career field go-getters and those aspiring to be.

Find a community of people whose professional interests match yours by exploring different events and opportunities sorted by career field in the find your community’ tab of the career website.

Find an opportunity to shadow a professional in a field you’re interested in through the Huskies @ Work mentorship program.

Schedule a career appointment in your first week, to help create and refine a filter for your activities and experiences here at the UW– Here’s a link to how you can do that.

If you’re into startups, Startup UW is the club you want to be part of. They host a variety of different programs, including an incubator, a startup lab that matches students with cool companies hiring students, and a podcast about startup culture!

Money and Finance

Learn about your finances in college and how to keep them healthy with short educational webinars from US Bank, who have their office in the HUB, in Room 105 if you want to sit down to talk generally about the state of your finances with them (you should, even if you’re not part of US Bank).

Check out the Office of Scholarships, Fellowships, and Merit Awards’s homepage for lots of information about opportunities to reduce the financial burden of college.

College Info Geek’s most up-to-date resource list for college discounts and deals. This is a third party resource not provided by the UW. (Link)


Orin’s Place has some bougie-sounding things that are just simple sandwiches and pasta/salad type deals that are pretty good. I recommend the Caprese Baguette sandwich (Vegetarian. Get the sandwich toasted, always).

Homegrown is a place that solves my issue of healthy good not being as filling as unhealthy food. It’s a bit pricey but I’d recommend it to everyone. I recommend the Spicy Braised Tofu Bowl (11.99, Vegan, Gluten Free).

Reddit threads on r/Udub

Resources for campus well-being and safety:

To best handle the stressors that appear during your time on campus, check out these general resources for physical and mental well-being on campus. (Link)

Emergencies: 911

UW Counseling Center, 206-543-1240

UWPD Non-Emergency, 206-685-8973

King County Crisis Line, 866-427-4747

RA on Call, 206-543-1000

LiveWell Advocate, [email protected]

Husky Night Walk, 206-685-9255

Hall Health, 206-685-1025

Husky Night Ride Shuttle, 206-685-3146

Husky Coronavirus Testing Program (link)