The College Application Planner

This planner uses Notion to construct a framework that students can use to plan their college applications. Fully featured with resource and scholarship databases, advice from past college applicants, and an exhaustive user guide, this planner is a free, customizable solution to organize all college-related materials in a clear and intuitive way.

Plan your applications

Senior Trip Documentary

In an effort to make the most out of my senior trip to Leavenworth to hike Lake Colchuck with 3 friends, I documented the journey as a YouTube video shot entirely handheld on my iPhone.

Digital Minimalism Swipe File

Inspired by my foray into the philosophy of digital minimalism, this document compiles videos, frameworks, and strategies that make the process of learning and implementing the principles of digital minimalism easy. It includes videos and articles from a wide range of creators and opinions, and is constantly updated to reflect my attitudes and thoughts about the process.

Achieve digital clarity

Mem.ai iCloud Shortcut

An iOS Shortcut to utilize the SMS note feature for Mem.ai, a knowledge management and productivity app that has had a meteoric rise in popularity.

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