Online shopping and updating your CV

I’d like to invite you to my professional network!”

If you’re in secondary school or even college, using LinkedIn (ew) to find meaningful or important connections that spark joy feels like slogging through math homework on a weekday night while it dumps rain from a dark and depressing sky outside. To combat this sinking feeling, I’ve recently been loving a platform called read.cv to develop my network of professional connections and internet friends.

Full disclosure from me: signing up to read.cv with the link above allows for me to unlock additional features on the platform, like linking my page to a custom domain. Learn more here.

What’s CV, you ask? It’s a platform used by people across the world to create beautiful profiles and make meaningful connections”. Now that may sound like a bunch of marketing words slammed together, but listen: I’ve loved being able to interact with the incredible and genuine people on the platform, and make connections with people who care about what I’m doing. So, instead of seeing those irritating I’m so proud to announce…” posts all the time, you see status updates that inspire and projects that impress.

I’ve interacted with Andy Chung, CVs founder, and he’s a super genuine guy who cares a lot about the quality of his product and the satisfaction of his users. I want to mention that I haven’t been reimbursed or compensated for this message– this is just a genuine recommendation from someone who thinks that modern online networking is stressful, outdated, and in need of a serious refresh. If all this sounds good, join the CV squad here, or on Discordor Twitter!

This Week’s Life Hack:

I love Patagonia and what they stand for as a company. But, if you aren’t super keen on paying full price for their clothing like I am, you can go to https://wornwear.patagonia.com to get near new or gently used Patagonia gear at a significant discount. I bought a rain jacket that would normally retail for $110 for $60 (with shipping costs included). Happy shopping!

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  • If you have an iPhone, check out this feature that will make sure you never have to buy a white noise machine ever again.
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